COVID-19 Impact Survey Results

In May 2020, Certus Graduate commissioned a Survey to determine the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on those in the early stages of their sales career and to determine whether these effects have led to change.

The survey was sent to a randomly selected 1000 candidates from the Certus Graduate database. Each candidate had between 0 and 3 years professional experience at the time of the survey.

The response speaks for itself...!

"The Impact of COVID-19 on those in the early stages of their sales career has been significant and, potentially, long-lasting. Almost 50% of those surveyed stated that COVID-19 has forced them to
either totally reconsider their plans or put their plans on hold altogether.

In terms of the results of the survey, the majority were as we would have expected. However, there are two areas that stood out.

Firstly, despite there being a significant shortage of opportunities for this group the majority of candidates do not expect to have to consider salary level reductions as a result. This differs
considerably with what we are seeing in the market currently, with salary levels for junior sales positions reverting to those we were seeing perhaps 2-3 years ago. Those businesses that are
holding firm with salary levels are definitely seeing the best candidates."

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