Why Is Now The Best Time To Hire

Samuel Wheeler

Now Is The Time To Hire

​Coronavirus. Covid-19. Pandemic. Words which turned the world upside down, truly. Circumstances, globally, which none of us ever expected nor could have imagined just a few short months ago. Uncertainty about the future has been the running theme, with us

Brits unable to look further than three weeks ahead to Boris’ next address. But amongst all the uncertainty are many things to be sure of too: we will get through this. There will be a semblance of normality – whatever it might look like. We will persevere.

As recruiters, it’s been a funny time; a business’ natural and understandable reaction in times of adversity is to freeze hiring. With that said, where some see risk, others see opportunity.

In the late 1940s, during an era which saw global economies struggling to right themselves after the Second World War, when asked how they could afford to continue hiring, now world-renowned tech engineers and entrepreneurs Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard simply answered, “How could we afford not to?”

With many companies now dipping that tentative toe back into the waters, it’s our expert, if ever humble opinion, that now is the best time to hire. Here’s why:

A talent pool like never before

Immediately before the Covid pandemic, it wasn’t uncommon to see your LinkedIn feed full of talk about the worldwide skills shortage – which was in many cases being addressed as an unprecedented circumstance of its own.

Fast forward three short yet historic months, we’re faced with up to a massive six million Brits losing their jobs, in one of the biggest, most indiscriminate and far-reaching economic shake-ups the world has ever seen. It’s unfortunate, to say the least, but to turn it on its head – this means an exceptional number of talented individuals now searching for a job.

Here we have an opportunity to grow as business leaders, to sit down and figure out exactly what – moreover, who – we need to bring our businesses thriving through the other side of the pandemic – knowing that, for this one, short time, our unicorn might just be out there.

Priorities are changing

And, unsurprisingly, continuing with a job which makes you miserable isn’t one of them.

For many people, the pandemic has highlighted the truly important things in life. And for many people, bringing the realisation that this time, they’re not going to spend their days working somewhere unfulfilling, somewhere which doesn’t help them towards their own long-term goals.

Hiring now means you’re hiring individuals with the right focus, the right mindset and ultimately the motivation to do best by themselves AND their next employer.

In the same way that Covid has ravaged the past few months, the next few will require adaptability, positivity and a truly progressive approach. Innovations in technology were already leading us towards a world where talent isn’t defined by the distance you live from the office, helping employers around the world tackle a lack of actively-seeking-work candidates and subsequent skills shortage by assembling a remote or satellite workforce.

Now, for all you know, that key hire you were looking for may be on your very doorstep.

There’s absolutely no question that the coronavirus pandemic has been devastating, in many ways, to many people – but, for many businesses, it could also prove to be an unprecedented hiring opportunity.

As the UK reopens, crisis management will surely take precedence in the immediate future; however, try to consider whether bringing aboard new talent to your organisation could factor into that. Hiring now might sound like the last thing you should be doing – but it might just turn out to be the most visionary.

Here at Certus, we consider ourselves more than just a recruitment company; we help our clients build innovative and experience-led hiring strategies, whether you’re scaling, expanding or diversifying. As ever, and especially during times like this, our expert team is here to talk about the challenges and opportunities the UK job market currently places on employers. Don’t hesitate to get in touch for advice, guidance and to draw upon the one thing we really can be sure of in these troubling times – our knowledge and experience of the UK recruitment marketplace.