The Benefits Of Recruiting Grads

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The Benefits Of Recruiting Grads

The signs are pointing towards a recruitment boom in 2022. Whether you’re a startup or a large business, graduates bring an abundance of valuable qualities to a role.


While 48% of hiring managers are recruiting the same number of graduates as last year, 36% are hiring more, with 18% increasing their intake by at least 10%.


This will lead to a ‘war for talent’ – meaning leaders will need to consider ways to attract the best people, while ensuring they also retain and engage their existing people.


Businesses should not be afraid to invest in fresh talent. Graduates have so much to bring to an organisation - their ideas and skills can make a huge difference to your bottom line.


Here at Certus Grad, we’ve collated 8 reasons to add graduates to your team, and why there’s no time like the present.


They’re enthusiastic


In a nutshell, graduates are hardworking and motivated. Ready to start their ‘adult’ lives, they are even more motivated than before in our post-lockdown world. They have been waiting for companies to start hiring, seeking new opportunities, and upskilling - with the new year approaching, there


Having just left academia, grads will be primed to learn more in order to succeed. Graduates come into the workplace with drive and energy, ready to bring fresh thinking to your business.


They’re productive


To keep up in our fast-paced world, successful businesses need agile individuals who immerse themselves in change. Graduates have proved (especially during the pandemic) that they are extremely adaptable and willing to accept change, they learn quickly and tend to operate at high productivity levels.


They’re affordable


In exchange for hands-on experience and training, graduates generally start off on a lower salary. With little to no experience, they aren't initially expecting a huge wage. A competitive salary within their industry will be enough, as well as a commitment to invest in their ongoing development.


They’ll diversify your team


Graduates will have different experiences of the world to their older colleagues and an awareness of current cultural trends.


Younger generations naturally hold fresh perspectives and are able to contribute new ideas. They are likely to be more in touch with current trends, which will inject a younger voice into your organisation and increase the diversity and inclusion of your business, which has never been more important.


They’re adaptable


Graduates are among the highest-skilled of the workforce and play a vital role in the economy. Not only that, but they are ready and willing to mould to your processes.


After one of the most difficult years for the world globally, grads have never been more keen to get stuck into a new role, having proved that they can maintain drive during a global pandemic.


When you hire a graduate, they are often referred to as a ‘blank canvas’. It's potentially their first experience of full-time office life.


As a result, leaders are able to guide them to adapt, rather than trying to mould someone with embedded habits.


They’re tech-savvy


Generation Z has a lot to offer and over the coming years, are going to change the way we work. This is the generation who have limited memory of life before the digital era, where smartphones and mobile devices are the norm.


They have transferable skills


What grads may not have in terms of work experience, they make up for in areas of knowledge. As well as possessing the niche skills related to their subject, they hone strong transferable skills, like:


●      Problem solving

●      Presentation skills

●      Data Analysis

●      Strong work ethic

●      Up-to-date and innovative ideas

●      Technology skills

●      Willingness to learn

●      Flexibility

●      Energy and drive to succeed

●      Multitasking


The Innovation


New graduates are likely to be curious thinkers. With uni studies still fresh in their minds, they'll be used to questioning how and why things operate the way they do. This will push your company to question any potentially outdated approaches and encourage business growth.




Our advice? Don’t wait around. There’s an influx of Gen-Z grads ready to start work right now.


Smart, forward-thinking executives will recognise this and immediately take action. They’ll put in place plans to attract and retain talented graduates because they know that they’re the superstars of tomorrow.


Need a hand with your recruitment strategy? Look no further, get in touch with Certus Graduate today.