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There are lots of options out there for companies looking to partner with a recruitment business. There are companies that specialise by sector or by function, there are large multi-site high street agencies, global players and single site niche businesses. So how do you pick?

We believe the answer to that question is that you’ll know when you’ve found the right partner for your business. Your reasons for choosing may sometimes be difficult to articulate, however, after speaking with each of your shortlisted recruitment partners, the right choice will become clear.

Here are a number of frequently asked questions that may help you decide to include us on that shortlist!

We specialise in helping growing businesses build and develop their internal sales teams. From helping to plan the shape of the business development function though to managing the onboarding of team members, our services include:

  • Recruitment - From Management through to SDR/BDE team members and sales trainers

  • Training - Provision of training services, either as part of a bigger project through to individual one ofdf training sessions.

  • Onboarding - We help create effective onbaording programs for our clients that can either be managed by us or our clients
  • Managed Services - Consisting of any combination of the above, our managed services allows you to focus on what you do best safe in the knowledge that your recruitment and training function is being managed in line with your company objectives

No. We help companies create amazing business development teams. Whilst this often includes recruiting trainee and junior sales team members, we recruit all levels of SDR (Sales Development Representative) and BDE (Business Development Executive) and Managers and Team Leaders too. Whether you're looking to recruit and train your own graduate trainee's or you're looking to hire a team of highly experienced SDR's we can help.

Put simply - yes we can. From placing a full time sales trainer to a contract trainer on a fixed number of days per month, through to the provision of a packaged sales recruitment and training service our range of training solutions are designed to ensure we can provide the right solution for every business.

We specialise in sales - our heritage is 20 years in sales recruitment. In that time we have refined our assessment criteria time and again. But one key element remains true – by meeting our candidates and talking through why they want a career in sales, what they understand the job will involve and why they think they’re suited, we’re quickly able to determine their suitability. By challenging them further, we’re able to determine how they respond to the challenge and thus their natural response to objection – another great indicator of suitability to sales.

Quickly! Our proactive approach to the recruitment process and ability to reallocate resources means that we can normally deliver a shortlist within a matter of days. Any delay in the recruitment process is usually as a result of delays at the client end due to diary issues or indecision. As part of our initial discussion we work with you to plan the project effectively, dealing with any challenges at the outset, helping reduce the likelihood of problems and delays.

Over the last quarter, our average time to fill (i.e. from day of taking brief until offer accepted) is just 11.35 days!

How you are charged for our services depends on the type of service you require and the level of support you require. Our recruitment services (contingency and retained) are usually charged at a fixed % of remuneration or can be agreed on a fixed fee basis. The exact level is dependant on many factors including the type of guarantee required, payment terms and other factors. Additional services (onboarding, branding and candidate generation) are usually charged on a project basis depending on the resource required to deliver.

Contact us to explain your current situation and we’d be happy to give you an indicative fee level for you to consider. Alternatively, upload details of your vacancy and we’ll contact you to discuss how we would manage your project and all associated costs.

We are incredibly confident that we will be able to deliver a shortlist of candidates who meet your requirements and go on to be successful for your business. However, we’re realists and even the best can’t get it perfect every time. That’s why we typically offer clients a 100% guarantee whereby if a placed candidate leaves your business during the agreed guarantee period we will provide a replacement candidate at no further cost to your business (where the replacement is at a similar level of experience). The exact details of the length of guarantee period and other factors will be negotiated once we understand exactly what you’re looking for.

How can we offer such a guarantee? Because we closely monitor our success rate and over the last year 95.1% of candidates we placed successfully completed their guarantee period.

This depends on the recruitment service we’re providing. For retained and contingency assignments we have a three part assessment as follows:

Stage One – Initial telephone screen. A 20-30 minute initial call to determine what the candidates current situation is and what they’re looking for. The main purpose of this call is to determine how confidently the candidate communicates and how much research they’ve done into sales and why they are interested in pursuing a role in sales. If successful they’re invited to the next stage.

Stage Two – Formal sales interview. A 60 minute interview during which we cover every aspect of the candidates background, education and achievements to date. We have an in-depth discussion about sales as a career and talk through expectations and requirements in details. During the interview they are regularly challenged in order to determine how they react and their ability to handle rejection. We then discuss the types of sales roles available and look to determine they type of role and environment they would be most suited to, looking to identify the 3 key factors that will influence their decision to accept a position. Finally, we explain how we work and what will be expected from them if we represent them in their job search.

Stage Three – Role Presentation. The final part of the assessment. We present details of the position to the candidate and ask them to go and research your company and sector. They are asked to present back to us on what they understand about your business and why they feel they’re suited to the role. Only if we’re satisfied at this point do we include them in the final shortlist and present their details to you.

Without yet knowing exactly your situation we can’t be 100% sure but the likelihood is high that we are and almost certain that we have at some point in the recent past. However, we don’t believe that holds much relevance as we treat every new role, whether with a new or existing client, in exactly the same way, taking a full brief and agreeing a project plan on each and every project we undertake.

We work with clients across the UK and can deliver any of our services UK wide. Through the combination of our cloud based systems enabling our consultants to be fully remote and the use of our bespoke video interview platform we can effectively manage a recruitment campaign anywhere – even when the recruiting manager is at the opposite end of the country to the person they’re recruiting!

We utilise a wide variety of candidate sources to ensure we have the required volume of qualified candidates to meet demand. Our specialist candidate consultants are solely responsible for candidate acquisition and qualification, are experts within the field of sales and understand what it takes to be successful within a sales role. They are responsible for delivering a shortlist for each role we work on within defined timelines. Candidate sources include:
• Certus Graduate website
• Relationships with universities and career hubs
• LinkedIn
• Facebook/Twitter/Instagram
• Google for jobs
• Jobsites including: Milkround/Reed/Indeed/Adzuna/Totaljobs/CV Library/Guardian Jobs
It’s worth noting that candidate acquisition patterns vary from year to year and what works brilliantly one year may not work so well the next.

Any Further Questions?

We love to talk about what we do and how we do it! If you have any further questions or would like to find out more about how we can help your business:

  • Pick up the phone and give us a call on +44 203 758 7890.

  • Click here and you can send us details of your business and any current vacancies you need help with

  • Send us an email to

We look forward to talking with you soon!

  • ​​Certus has been excellent in providing me with the right candidates for our business.  I have found the process extremely easy and believe that their sourcing system and qualification of candidates is of the highest level.

    Stefan Neale
    Stefan Neale , Fitzalan Partners
  • ‘We used Certus Graduate Recruitment to help us build our junior sales team from scratch and couldn’t be more impressed. After interviewing a number of recruitment firms, we eventually decided that, due to their willingness to learn about our culture and our product, we would work exclusively with Certus for this team. The candidates were of consistently high quality, while we were allowed to choose exactly how hands-on we were with the process; whether that be participating in their excellent open days, to simply having vetted candidates sent to our office for interviews. The people we’ve hired through Certus have ended up performing consistently above their targets and I would have no hesitation in working with them again.’

    Alex Sutherland
    Alex Sutherland , WTax
  • ​I was a recent postgraduate looking to move into the sales market for a new challenge, and Certus helped every step of the way. After reaching out to them, they helped me secure a number of interviews at excellent positions, taking serious consideration of my strengths and a genuine interest in what I wanted to do. Massive thanks to the team (particularly Anna and Remi!) for all the help. Thoroughly recommended!

    Zane Lilley
  • I chose Certus to be the recruiters to represent me and I couldn't be happier with the service! There were only 6 days between me visiting the office and meeting the team and securing a fantastic job that they recommended me for. I would like to thank in particular TIM and SETO, they kept in constant contact with me throughout the whole process and helped me to prepare appropriately before every interview.​

    Greg Woodbury
  • ​My experience was fantastic! I was able to interview for a number of roles with the guidance of the brilliant recruitment team led by Anna Green. I would recommend any new graduates to consider the roles on offer through Certus' wide network of clients!

    Vivek Kalia
  • Amazing recruitment company. Can’t thank them enough for all the help they have given me , from finding me the jobs that suited my needs to preparing me for the interview. Remi was an absolute gem through this process , she really made the effort with me and I will be forever grateful. Also a big thank you to Jon Rogers who gave me confidence and believed in me throughout this whole process. Would highly recommend using Certus recruitment, they’re extremely caring and they’re good at what they do.​

    Gloria Katutondua