Graduate Sales Candidates

Why Hire Graduates

Firstly, just what do we mean by 'Graduate'?

​​The term 'graduate', although obvious when taken literally, is often used these days to describe a 'level' of candidate rather than the level of education they've achieved. We've found our clients tend to use the term to refer to the calibre of candidate, particularly with regard to the positive characteristics associated with an individual who has graduated from university: intelligence, articulation, drive, commitment etc. It is important to recognise it is not only graduates who possess these traits and whilst a significant number of the candidates we work with do have a university degree, so do we also work with those that don't but who do demonstrate the required traits just described.

​​That said, if you specifically require candidates with a particular degree or qualification or any other skill or trait just let us know during our briefing. And through the implementation of our thorough qualification process that is exactly what we'll find for you!

So why hire Graduates?

​​Let’s start with arguably the most important one; hiring graduates can provide a fantastic return on investment. By comparison to more experienced candidates, if you can provide the support and structure they'll need (we can help here!), hiring graduates is cost effective and an efficient way of increasing resource within the sales function.

​​Graduates can provide an energy and passion which breathes new life into your team. Their different perspective, train of thought and desire for knowldege can reate opportunities not realised by experienced sales professionals with a set mode of operation.

​​Graduates respect and value the opportunties given to them by their employers and in return they often demonstrate incredibly loyalty to their employers, adopting the 'tribe' mentality we've seen discussed recently. They are mouldable and fresh, without the bad habits, mental fatigue and failings sometimes seen in more experienced candidates.

​​Your ability to mould a trainee into the professional you need them to be is not to be overlooked. It's been proven that the lessons we learn in our early career stay with us for life. When you take a fresh graduate and, through your training and support, lead them to success they will become as close to the perfect employee as you can get, living and breathing your values without question. ​We know this as we see it every day, where those that used to be our candidates become our clients, responsible for hiring and training the next generation in the business they joined only a short time ago. And nothing makes us more proud!

But what about the value of experience?

As the saying goes, 'you can't buy experience'! Except that you can when you're looking at recruitment.

Not every company is in the position to provide the training and support required to successfully develop graduate trainees. Some businesses also have a particularly complex product offering that requires a higher level of experience or a proven skill set in a particular area.

Whatever your reason, if you are looking to recruit experienced sales professionals to grow your business development team we can help. Dealing with nothing but the business development function, our network within this area is vast and our understanding of the SDR and BDE space mean we can help you to determine exactly whats right for your business.

The most important thing when looking to recruit experience is to make sure your offering is compelling and will attract those that are looking to build upon previous success. This is a constantly changing environment and what might be right today, in terms of what you need to attract great talent, could be wildly different in 6 months time.

Still Undecided?

Don't worry - there's a lot to consider. We've helped hundreds of businesses navigate these waters and we'd be happy to help you determine what's best given your unique situation. This is an incredibly important decision and one that needs to be fully informed. Contact us to arrange an initial discussion and we look forward to helping you scale your business.

Testimonials Default Image
  • ​I had applied for a role via Certus on a Monday and by Tuesday I was already in their offices for a meeting and subsequently being out forward for roles. The graduate manager I had, Anna, was incredibly supportive and made what can be a relatively daunting process very simple and easy! I was also in touch with two recruitment consultants, Megan and Jon, and they had both invested a lot of time into prepping myself for upcoming interviews they set up and by the Friday of the same week, I was already placed in a role. They all provided excellent support and service throughout the whole process and would highly recommend!​

    Pranay Patel
  • Jon, Gabi and Megan were amazing! They listened to what I needed and supported me to find the best role for me.​

    Claire Griffin
  • Wonderful company. Very friendly, professional staff. Remi initially contacted me and was extremely friendly, enthusiastic and encouraging. Jon guided me through every step of the interview process for a role. Nothing was too much trouble for either of them and I found a job within two weeks of being contacted. Would definitely recommend for graduates looking for their first job.​

    Marzi Smith
  • Had the pleasure of working with Remi and Megan and both were so committed to doing their best for me. Kept me informed and up to date with everything going on during my process and made me feel at ease at every stage. Couldn't recommend the company enough. Fantastic service and extremely friendly employees. Thank you!​

    Bobby Naeem
  • Amazing recruitment company that will support you and go the extra mile like no other! The clients that Certus recruit for, are top quality established companies that can honestly change your life. Big shout out to Megan K & Megan S for changing my life forever with the new job of my dreams! I only met the team to discuss roles on Monday and got a job 4 days later! Highly recommend Certus Recruitment Group :)​

    Petra Joli
  • Seaching for a new job is one of the hardest jobs and challenges anyone can go through. Before getting in touch with Certus I was having very little luck and was running low on patience and even confidence. Then the extremely motivating Megan K and Anna Green set me up with 3 different interviews which matched my requirements just 3 days after getting in touch. Megan K was always on hand to prepare me for interviews and even listened to my 20 minute presentation twice! I really appreciated the constant communication and constructive critisism towards my self-development. Thank you for keeping me motivated and always looking forwards. My new role is exactly what I was looking for :)​

    James Mulvey