Justin Byrne
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Justin Byrne


    As CEO of the Certus Recruitment Group I work closely with the each brands Leader, helping them shape the strategy of their business and determine the best route towards the achivement of their vision. I remain heavily involved in each business as I am passionately aligned to each one.

    I was first exposed to the wonder of Graduate Recruitment in 1999. A colleague and key influencer showed me how, with a bit of knowldege and some of my time, I could help a graduate frame their passion and unbridled enthusiasm and help them on their way in a career in sales. And the feeling of satisfaction gained from doing that has never left.

    I'm therefore hugely excited about Certus Graduates' future. I believe there is much room to innovate, developing amazing new methods to help great businesses recruit and develop the sales 'Superstars' of tomorrow.

    Proudest Accomplishment: Always finding a way to get up again, no matter how life conspires to knock you down.

    Dream Weekend: A waterfront house in Noosa, Australia, shared with family and close friends. Days spent sailing and on the water and evenings spent round a huge outdoor table, BBQ on the go with a few beers and bottles of fine wine on ice!