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Bespoke Assessment Centres

Our bespoke assessment days are perfect for companies looking for multiple hires or start-ups looking to build a team quickly.

Held at either your offices or in our Baker Street Head office, the days are designed specific to your requirement and are tailored to your business. The assessment is fully managed by our highly experienced team, who having delivered hundreds of assessments understand how to get the best results for you and your business.

Consisting of several specific tasks and activities related to your company, the assessment centre will allow you to observe and analyse an agreed number of candidates (typically 12-20) who are put through a variety of tasks and exercises in order to demonstrate their suitability and traits that will be fundamental to their being successful in your company.

What is it?

• A fully managed assessment with a variety of exercises

• Designed specifically for your business

• Your business receives priority, with allocated dedicated resources ensuring appropriate attendance

• Our consultants plan and fully manage the day on your behalf


• Extremely time efficient

• Engaged and fully prepared candidates

• A great forum to introduce your business and generate interest in a competitive recruiting market

Enables multiple hires increasing ability to have a shared start date

• Guaranteed service

We would love the opportunity to demonstrate how the delivery of one of our bespoke assessment centres will work for your business. Contact Us for more details or Submit A Vacancy and we'll arrange an initial call to discuss your specific requirement.

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