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Retained & Managed Services

Managed Service Solutions

Our Managed Service is a highly cost effective talent acquisition solution for companies looking to gain the most from their recruitment partner.

A great alternative to an In-house or Internal Recruitment function, a ‘Managed Service', or outsourced recruitment solution, allows for the most effective utilisation of resources, ensuring a true partnership approach which maximises return on investment and provides a consistently high level of service.

The key benefits of a Managed Service are:

  • Increased focus & dedicated effort

  • Pre-allocation of resources – account priority

  • Increased advertising (branded if necessary)

  • Dedicated response handling

  • Client ownership of candidate response

  • Sharing of risk and protection of investment

  • Reduced total cost of recruitment

  • Immediate reaction capability

Additionally, there are further specific benefits which, if required, can include:

  • Psychometric profiling of candidates

  • Provision of interview assessment and notes

  • Use of interview facilities

  • Interview training for recruiting managers

  • Increased input with regard to recruitment strategy

Retained Recruitment Solution

Our retained service is suited to organisations that have limited capacity to conduct an Assessment Centre, are significantly 'time challenged' or have specific recruitment deadlines that must be achieved.

The ability to allocate resources internally allows us to achieve fantastic results in very short time frames with agreed service levels and pre-determined outcomes.

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