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Managed Services

A Managed Service, or Recruitment Process Outsourcing, is a highly effective talent acquisition solution for companies with an ongoing recruitment requirement, looking for a solution that delivers the best candidates when required in a cost effective manner.  


A Managed Service can be either a great alternative to an In-house or Internal Recruitment function, or indeed a great support to a more generalised in house solution where expert support is required in the more challenging function of sales recruitment. The ‘Managed Service', or outsourced recruitment solution, allows for the most effective utilisation of resources, ensuring a true partnership approach which maximises return on investment and provides a consistently high level of service. 


The way in which a Managed Service is costed is dependant on many factors including the scale and nature of your requirement and the level of input required. Typically, the requirement will fall under one of two categories:  

  1. Managed Project: where there is a specific increased need for support due to an event (e.g. funding round major contract won that requires additional resource). In this case we would normally look to agree a project based cost with staged payments throughout and with firm service level agreements and objectives in place, or 

  2. RPO: where you outsource either all or part of your ongoing recruitment process to us to deliver on your behalf. This could be for all or part of the recruitment cycle. This is charged though a combination of monthly and results based fees. 

 The key benefits of a Managed Solution are: 

  • Ability to upscale and downscale recruitment effort as needs change, avoiding wasted resource during times of low recruitment need 

  • Increased focus & dedicated effort from named account managers acting on behalf of your business 

  • Candidate ownership throughout  

  • On site delivery of services with consultants based from your offices as required 

  • Ability to outsource part of the process whilst keeping part of the process in-house e.g. outsource the response handling and longlisting element whilst keeping shortlisting and interview process management in house. 

  • Sharing of risk and protection of investment 

  • Reduced total cost of recruitment 

  • Immediate reaction capability – if there is suddenly increased demand the Account Manager has access to all the resources of Certus Graduate to call upon 

A Managed Service agreement can also include: 

  • Psychometric profiling of candidates 

  • Provision of interview assessment and notes 

  • Use of interview facilities 

  • Interview training for recruiting managers 

  • Increased input with regard to recruitment strategy 

  • Onboarding of successful candidates 

  • Compliance and management of related documentation 


Case Study: 


A global internet company approached Certus looking to build out their UK business. The project was initiated with the placement of a new CEO which was run by our sister company Certus Recruitment. Certus Graduate was subsequently tasked with the delivery of an entire project to recruit and onboard the entire UK to include: 

- x2 Marketing Executives  

- x6 Business Development Representatives  

- x2 Account Managers  


What We Did:  

Following an initial discussion with the Global CEO we were able to scope the project, understand the business objectives and their vision with regard to the UK business. Having proposed a solution that was accepted commercially, we established, through a course of meetings, clear SMART objectives including expected numbers and timelines. We agreed communication channels and set reporting conditions and timelines that allowed us to continually update our clients with regards to progress.  


With the inclusion of pre-agreed project milestones we were able to ensure the project remained on course throughout and that any unexpected obstacles were dealt with efficiently so as not to cause delay to the project as a whole.  



All positions were filled within the timelines stated within the service level agreement and the business was able to achieve it’s growth objectives. Further, every candidate successfully placed went on to pass their probation and there was no requirement to call upon the significantly extended guarantee.