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Training & Consultancy

​Hiring a fresh graduate is only the first step in the development of great future professionals for your business. To maximise their chances of success, they must be provided with a well structured and personalised training program that gives them the skills they need to be successful in the first months and years in their career. This in turn maximises the return for your business.

​There is a common misconception that only large organisations are able to provide quality sales training programs for newly recruited employees.

​With Certus Graduate's combined recruitment & training packages that is no longer the case. By combining our award winning graduate recruitment strategies with a structured and proven training methodology we have created a range of recruitment & training packages to suit every company and every budget.

​Utilising a combination of in-house talent and hand picked partner organisations, Certus Graduate are able to devise everything from a single day induction for your new team, through to a year long (and beyond!) complete onboarding and training program.

Contact Us for more information about our specialised training solutions and how Certus Graduate Recruitment can support your graduate intake to achieve great thins for your business.

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