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Training & Consultancy

​When we review the performance of sales teams, and in particular SDR/BDE teams, you'll not be surprised to hear there is a direct correlation between performance and training. Those businesses that invest in the development of their sales teams reap the rewards in terms of increased performance and longevity of employment.

Whilst the level of training required will differ between fresh graduates and those with a couple of years SDR experience, an ongoing training and development plan that is tied to each team members personal development plan is essential.

The fantastic news is that a purposed, structured training program is within the reach of every organisation, regardless of size or stage of development. The manner in which that training is delivered may differ and will be dependant on your size, situation and goals.

In-house Trainer Recruitment

An in-house trainer is not purely a luxury enjoyed by Enterprise organisations. The increase in productivity achieved where the sales team enjoys continued and regular training is significant and where this can also be conducted by the same person over time there is clearly an advantage. There is often a misconception that there is only value in an in-house traniner where the sales team is of a large size. The reality is, depending on variants like order values and sales cycles and the apability of the sales manager, a sales trainer can generate a measurable return even in smaller businesses.

At Certus, we are highly experienced in the recruitment of sales trainers of all levels. Whether you require someone to write course content and develop training programs, or you're looking for someone to deliver 1-1 coaching to your sales team, we can help you identify and retain the sales trainer thats best for your business.

Contract Trainer

Contact Us for more information about our specialised training solutions and how Certus Graduate Recruitment can support your graduate intake to achieve great thins for your business.

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